William von Schneidau, a Seattle based farmer/butcher, is officially the Albert Einstein of marijuana-infused pigs. William recently partnered with a local medical marijuana grower in the Seattle area, to take the swine game to another level. In an attempt to create a “more savory” meat, he began feeding the ever-so-tasty animals, the root bulbs, stems and leaves of marijuana plants.

Whether it’s a simple publicity stunt or a genuine attempt at transcending the culinary nature of an already delectable animal, it has surely created a national buzz. There has been no immediate research on whether or not the pigs themselves actually feel any kind of “high”, or if any of the THC (the substance in the plant that makes a human feel different) actually makes it into the final product. There is no doubt though, that the whole concept and marketing of it has garnered William quite the attention that he had hoped for. The interest and success of his establishment has rapidly increased in the past few weeks, as William said, “It got so popular, we ran out of meat.”

One thing is for sure, breakfasts across Seattle just got a bit more interesting. You can watch the video below, or read a bit more about William and his new creation here.

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