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Adam ‘Pac Man’ Jones is in trouble with the law again. The “reformed” Bengals Cornerback apparently slapped a woman in the face after she and her friend took a picture with Jones and then threw beer at him.

Jones’ agent Peter Schaffer called the incident a “Travesty of Justice.”

The Bengals cornerback is no stranger to the NFL’s stringent disciplinary system as he was suspended for the entire 2007 season and for part of the 2008 season for off-field incidents.

UPDATE: Pacman speaks out:

In his defense Jones has tried to straighten out in recent years and his time with the Bengals hasn’t seen him get into any trouble prior to this incident.

He is a cautionary tale of what can happen when a young, immature person suddenly has everything to lose. Fortunately for Jones, he has been able to rebound and is enjoying a successful NFL career.

Last season Jones used his experience to instill some sense into the NFL’s incoming rookie class when he spoke at the 2012 NFL Rookie Symposium. He is also scheduled to speak at the Symposium again this year.