Over the past half-decade or so, Mets fans have developed a self-deprecating, Larry David-esque sense of humor. It is a coping mechanism to deal with some really awful baseball. Consider the following, the Mets cleanup hitter and everyday first baseman Ike Davis is currently hitting .164. Last year, Davis played in 156 games for the Mets and hit .227. The Mets franchise is so inept and poorly run that they’d rather keep trotting out a 26-year-old who hasn’t sniffed the Mendoza Line in months. Despite being the worst hitter in baseball, Davis is still a fan favorite in Flushing.

Met fans never really thought he’d ever be sent down because he’s been struggling so long that they have just figured that the strategy with Ike was just to keep sending him out everyday because it just couldn’t get any worse. When he comes to the plate to not hit, Mets fans cheer for Davis harder than any other Met hitter aside from David Wright. If you walk around Citi Field, Roosevelt Field Mall, or any other Met fan hangout you will see dozens of Ike Davis shirtseys.

At first fans loved Ike because he played well. He hit .264 his rookie season with 19 homers and 71 RBIs. His sophomore year he hit over .300. Ike was the great white hope. He was going to lead the debt-ridden Mets on one of their magical rides to the pennant.

Now, fans love him because he is an acting metaphor for the Mets. Both Davis and the Mets are mired in such horrific, paralleling  slumps that they had no choice but to do the unthinkable.

That brings us to to today’s news. After the Mets lost to the Marlins for the second time in as many days, Davis has finally been sent down to the Mets’ AAA affiliate in Las Vegas. Fans of most franchises would welcome the news that their team sent down someone hitting .164 in June. But this is the Mets were talking about, and the Amazin’ Met fans let the world know how they felt in the most Mets way possible. They were sad/shocked to see Ike go.


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