With the Belmont Stakes coming up this weekend, I have one question to ask.  Do people that make bets on these horses really know what they’re betting on?  Or is it kind of like the lottery?  Just make a bet and hope for some luck. Seriously, how much time do these “horse betters” take to ensure they are making a good bet on a horse?  Are they looking at the results from the first two legs of the Triple Crown? Are many of them retirees?  Or do they follow horse racing more intently than that?

I’ve  never made bets on any sporting events, though I would love to start somewhere.  It won’t be on a sport I don’t understand though, like NASCAR.  I watch and follow NASCAR, but only because it’s such a big thing here in Charlotte and I’ve visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame twice since it opened.  I can’t say I’m a fan however.  I don’t understand the cars. I don’t know if the Ford’s, the Toyota’s or the Chevy’s win the most races.  But do people bet on NASCAR?  It seems to me like if you love NASCAR that would be a sport you’d be comfortable betting on even if it was just friendly nickel and dime bets with your friends.  Does horse racing work the same way?

Once the three legs of the Triple Crown have been run, horse racing becomes minor league baseball.  It’s never on TV, and only a hardcore group of people continue to follow it to the end of the season.  But I digress, because I don’t even know when horse racing season ends. Is there even such a thing as horse racing season?  Am I a big horse’s ass for asking that last question?

I do find the Triple Crown races exciting.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because it’s horses instead of human beings.  It’s fun to watch animals display their talent and put human athletes in the backseat, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I don’t even know the names of the horses running in Saturday’s race.  I must be like a lot people who tune in just before the start since it’s only three minutes. Unless you’ve made a bet, why in the world would you watch the pre-race show?  But since I’ll be working Saturday night, I’m going to miss seeing it live anyway.  I’ll probably Youtube it later, but seeing events live is much more fun.  I don’t think however that anyone at work is going to run in and start screaming “Flip the Bird won! Flip the Bird won the Belmont!”  Or whatever silly name the winning horse has.

I would hope someone can explain to me why betting on races is fun.  Sure I’ve asked a lot of questions throughout this blog,  but’s it’s a fascinating topic to me that I certainly wouldn’t address any other time of the year.  I sure hope the gamble is worth it, at least to the majority.  I’ve heard a saying that goes “Easy money is money easily lost”.  I just wonder when it comes to horse racing, how that easy money is money easily won.