Melissa Lawrence has been through some traumatic events recently, her daughter was shot and injured during a family member’s kindergarten graduation party. Channel 6 WLNE-TV News reporter Abbey Niezgoda visited Lawrence at her Providence, Rhode Island home to get her reaction to the news that a 16-year-old turned himself in for the shooting her daughter. Lawrence responded by saying, “OK, that’s good.” Then things escalated quickly. The agitated Lawrence begins throwing rocks at the cameraman and then went to her house and came back swinging a baseball bat at the news crew. At this point the news crew were fleeing the chaotic scene when Lawrence sics her pit bulls on the crew. Niezgoda runs down the street as two pitbulls chase her and snap at her legs. Lawrence was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault. She was released on $80,000 bail and will appear in court early August. The daughter, Ny’asia, has been released for the hospital for her gunshot wound to the lower back and is recovering at home.