We all remember Bo Jackson.  He did things like running up walls and throwing runners out at the plate from the warning track.  He also had a myriad of other ridiculous plays outside of his stellar NFL career and video game legacy.  Well, we may have a new Bo Jackson in MLB…and his name is Yasiel Puig.

Pronounced “pew-ig” – much to many media member’s dismay, including Chris Berman – Yasiel seems to be the real thing as evidenced by his first few days on the job.  In this short amount of time, he is already drawing a lot of comparisons to Bo Jackson – and a few to Mike Trout as well.

Consider last night Puig’s coming out party.  Already having shown off his cannon of an arm in his short time in the bigs, in which he doubled off a guy at first with a throw from the right field wall to end the game, Puig single-handedly helped defeat the San Diego Padres by blasting two home runs in only his second game for the Dodgers.  Think about that – in only two games we have seen all five of the tools that make up a potentially great baseball player.  Your move, Bryce Harper.

Only time will tell if we have the next Bo Jackson on our hands.  He does seem to be the 2013 version of Mike Trout, though, as he is a young rookie batting leadoff for a Los Angeles team that desperately needed some offense injected into it.  Nevertheless, we must wait and see if he develops his own version of the Tecmo Juke.  Until then, enjoy the show.

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