The Dallas Stars have officially revealed their new jerseys. The Stars made the announcement that they were going to ditch their bland black threads (below) for a more natural green lock.


Pretty much everyone agreed this was a good move for the Stars, as they always looked and played better in green.

The new sweaters feature a new logo which was unfortunately leaked a few weeks back. Upon seeing the new logo I was not all that excited to see the Stars new jerseys because I didn’t think the logo was all that exciting. I am happy to report that I judged a book by the cover and was wrong about the jerseys. They are pretty dope. Take a look for yourself.



The logo works well with the entire scheme of the jersey which has a very Blackhawkish feel to it. Given how badly the Stars have messed up their jerseys in the past, they did well for themselves here.

The Stars weren’t the only NHL team to show off their new look today, the Carolina Hurricanes also unveiled new threads today.