The Pacers-Heat Series has been an absolute war. The two teams have grown to really hate each other over the course of their 7 game battle.

Aside from the back and forth play on the court, the talk off the court mostly surrounds the Heat’s propensity to massage calls by flopping and the emergence of everybody’s new favorite player, Paul George.

The two came together head on in a headline grabbing moment in Game 7.

Mario Chalmers was guarding George around the three point line when he egregiously flopped trying to draw a call. George took advantage of the dramatic flail, and drilled a wide open trifecta.

While George backpedaled to get prepped for the Heat counter, he had some choice words for his flopping adversary.


Stop flopping! Flopping a– n—-

Definitely not the politest way to ask Chalmers to stop cheating, but hopefully he gets the point.