Three explanations for the existence of two “TBD” NBA teams on

The Unlikely: Somebody at ESPN knows something we don’t — and isn’t telling.

The Likely: ESPN anticipated a possible move by the Sacramento Kings, and included a line to insert Seattle between San Antonio and Toronto if and when a relocation was approved (and nobody bothered to clear the blank entry after the drama ended).

The Trolling/Wishful Thinking Theory: Three cities — San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis — that fall between San Antonio and Toronto (alphabetically) have often popped up in the discussion of cities courting (pardon the pun) the NBA. Which means ESPN is just playing games with my Seattle’s heart.

Adding fuel to the fire are two recent tweets that indicate the NBA may be researching (albeit very quietly) expansion as we speak. But one of those rumored cities is Omaha, so who really knows what’s going on.

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