Metta World Peace is officially an author of children’s books, and that is somehow not weird at all. Check out the below cover for Metta’s book entitled “Metta’s Bedtime Stories.” Metta may be a ‘little’ eccentric, but the man does get his hustle on where he can in the world of business, and this is another example of that. You can purchase the book HERE via Amazon if you are so inclined for a reasonable $12.95.

The description of the book reads as follows:

Metta’s Bedtime Stories is dedicated to ALL Children, Families, and Educators. Metta’s Bedtime Stories was written to help children think about daily events in a positive light. These stories will show everyone that you can always have a better day tomorrow, if you have a hopeful heart and keep positive thoughts. Five stories are featured in this book: I’m afraid of the dark, Mud in my bed, One wish, Reach for the sky, and Tomorrow.