This isn’t the most exciting news…unless you’re Kevin Gregg.  In that case, prepare to have some statistics to back up your quest to receive a new contract next year because Kyuji Fujikawa is now out for the season.  Kevin Gregg, you may now scream “Huzzah!”  Brought in by Boy Genius Jed Hoyer to be a cheap and effective replacement for the carnival show that is Carlos Marmol, Fujikawa did not live up to the hype – nor did he really have the opportunity.  Already serving some time on the DL for “forearm issues”, Fujikawa’s second stint on the disabled list for the same issue has now resulted in a surgery that takes up to a year to fully recover from.  Since there are really no highlights of Fujikawa, here’s a video of him getting hit in the face with a foul ball:

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