The Chicago Cubs have built mockups at Wrigley which show what the proposed video board and new signage would look like, and we have some of the pictures.  Cranes had to be brought in on Waveland and Sheffield to erect the mock 6,000-square-foot video screen.  Cubs owner Tom Ricketts took in the view from a rooftop on Sheffield Avenue and referred to the views being blocked as “minimal.”

A Cubs spokesman said that the mock ups are “part of the evaluation process” for the Cubs as well as the owners of rooftop buildings across the street. Both parties have been in an argument over the impact, and the mockups built will clear the air of ‘he said, she said’ type arguing.  Spokesman Julian Green gave a heads up on the process, “We’re putting up a mock-up today to see what the outline and size of a potential video board would look like.  It’s part of the process of evaluating what impact a video board potentially could have.”

The move actually seems like an olive branch extended by the Cubs organization in some part to the rooftop owners. “This was not part of any requirement with the city,” he said. “We’re trying to help minimize the impact on our rooftop neighbors.”

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via Will Byington

[Chicago Tribune]