Curtis Granderson is somewhere crying on the inside.  In just his eighth game back after nearly missing the first 40 games due to a broken forearm caused by a hit-by-pitch, Granderson took another pitch to his body – this time off of his left hand.  Immediately, the pain was felt everywhere, including Brian Cashman’s gut.  Although Granderson remained in the game after the HBP, he was later taken out and sent for X-Rays which showed a broken finger.  Although Yankees showing up on the DL is nothing new this year, it does seem to be the new norm – more so than the next Amanda Bynes arraignment.  Coming off of back-to-back 40+ home run seasons, the Yankees were really relying on him to provide some help offensively with all of their other injuries.  The length of time he will miss is yet to be determined, but rumors are circulating that it could be up to 4 weeks.

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