Sure many women flock to Bryce Harper as the heartthrob of the Washington Nationals, but it’s actually their pitching coach, Steve McCatty who sends all the ladies into a tizzy. All the female fervor over McCatty reached it’s hunky pinnacle in 1984 when he was featured in a Playgirl pictorial. Next stop Beefcake City.


This tantalizing photo has all of the early 80’s sexuality you can handle; feathered hair, no real muscle tone and one hell of a cop mustache.

The 80’s sex symbol was such a hit that the glorious photo was made into t-shirts. Here’s Nats pitcher Gio Gonzalez modeling off one of the man meat shirts.


Most have welcomed the shirts, like reliever Tyler Clippard, “Utter joy. This is the best day of my life.” However others like Jordan Zimmerman have had a guttural reaction, “I threw up. I sent out a big group text to everyone. I think Cat’s pretty embarrassed.” Now the Nationals can strike fear into the other teams with their talented roster and their shirts.