Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson’s current media tour is revealing more than just what’s contained in the 368 pages of his latest book, Eleven Rings. During an appearance on The Tonight Show last week, he revealed to Jay Leno that he had been in serious talks with potential Seattle NBA owner Chris Hansen about a front office job. Tuesday morning, he appeared on the Dan Patrick Show, where he expounded on those comments (12:00 mark of the video below):

“I had an agreement with (Hansen),” Jackson said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I thought he was dynamic, I thought he had great ideas, he went through the whole process of getting an arena. He did everything right — except, you know, win the franchise.”

He went on to say that Hansen offered him any job he wished for:

“But his vision I could buy into. I thought he had the right vision for a team. And he made, basically, the offer of ‘take what you want to take as a job’ — a consultant; if you want to be an owner, be a part owner … work in the basketball operations side if you want to; or coach. It didn’t matter to him.”

Jackson is on the record as saying he won’t be joining the new Sacramento Kings front office (he even took a little dig at Sacramento on his late night appearance). He’s also declined recent offers from the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets.