Michael Wilbon

We haven’t gotten around to watching today’s episode of Pardon The Interruption yet, but apparently Michael Wilbon said not-so-nice things about Paul Azinger (if we had to guess, the words “Tiger”, “Sergio”, “gutless”, “clown”, and “fraud” were probably involved) — and people on Twitter immediately let the Champions Tour golfer know:

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Azinger’s comment appears to be a slam on Wilbon, especially after Azinger claimed he didn’t even know who Wilbon is, or if he even plays golf:

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To answer Azinger’s question, yes, the mostly desert-dwelling Wilbon does play golf, but he is never hesitant to remind us that all credit for his interest in the sport goes to his BFF (and, arguably, #1 name drop) Tiger Woods. So Azinger joins the exclusive crowd of “other” golfers Wilbon talks about, which essentially consists of those who either bad-mouth Tiger *cough*sergiogarcia*cough*, or those who habitually choke down the stretch against Tiger *cough*sergiogarcia*cough*.