What if your laziness to shave your facial hair enabled you to make some extra bucks on the side? That is the hope of Kentucky-based advertising agency Cornett-IMS. The ad company wants to sell advertising in your whiskers and they calling it “Beardvertising.”

You can get paid $5 a day just for walking around with these tiny “beardboards” embedded in your bushy beard. The company is not just looking at beardvertising in Kentucky, and in fact have already signed root beer giant A&W as a “beardvertiser.”

Whit Hiler of Cornett-IMS said, “We’re getting a ton of emails from guys with epic beards that want to host beardboards and we’re actually in talks with some brands that want to be Beardvertisers. I think we’ll probably be seeing some beardboards in the wild before too long.” If they were smart they would approach Brian Wilson and James Harden to utilize their manly beards as billbeards.

Not to come off sexist, but hopefully no women sign up to advertise on their facial hair.