— Manish Mehta(@MMehtaNYDN) May 17, 2013

Plaxico Burress is set to unveil his new line of men’s designer socks under his designer label, The Plaxico Burress Collection. Burress apparently is an ‘avid collector of luxury socks.’ No really:

The Plaxico Burress Collection is the brainchild of NFL star Plaxico Burress.An avid collector of luxury socks, Plaxico  found himself always looking for the ‘perfect sock.’ Often, he would love the design, but not like the fit. Or he would like the fabric/material, and not like the length.

Rather than continue to settle for the often limited styles his favorite stores had to offer, Plaxico decided to create his own brand. Confident that with his direction, the design team could create his ‘perfect sock.’

Bring on the holster jokes. If you have 20 minutes to kill, you may want to check out the videos that grace Plaxico’s socks website.