Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt recently made a surprise visit to a young leukemia patient in Splendora, TX. twelve year-old Cristian Beasley is one of 34 students nationwide using the VGo Telepresence System to attend school with his classmates, though he does so from home. You know those commercials where the kid is at home and that crazy wheeled robot with a TV monitor on top wheels into class? It’s that thing he’s using.

In any case, he named the robot “Watt” and, in an elaborate ruse set up by the Houston Texans, NFL Films, Cristian’s family and school, and the Education Service Center Region 6 that coordinates the VGo program, J.J. was able to arrive undetected at Cristian’s home. The enormous defensive end sneaked up behind Cristian and gave him the surprise of a lifetime.

“Oh my God,” is all Cristian could mutter.

Watt (the human version) visited with Cristian for a couple of hours, leaving him with memories to last a lifetime and a treasure trove of signed shoes, gloves, and the like. Cristian returned the favor by letting J.J. drive the other “Watt” through the halls of his elementary school.