Raffi Torres Still Refuses To Play By The Rules

In game 1 between the L.A. Kings and San Jose Sharks, Kings center Jarret Stoll left the game with an injury after being struck in the head by none other than Marian Hossa’s best friend, Raffi Torres.

According to reports, Torres will be having an in-person hearing with Brendan Shanahan.

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Requesting the hearing in person gives the league the option to suspend Torres for more than five games, but doesn’t necessarily mean a suspension of that length is guaranteed. Perhaps Shanahan just wants to sit down and catch up with his old pal. After all, they’ve spent a decent amount of time together in the past. Based on Shanahan’s remarkable consistency, I’d guess he’ll suspend Torres for anywhere from 0 to 40 games.

Not much has been disclosed about Stoll’s injury, as is standard during the playoffs, but we’ll be keeping an eye on Erin Andrews’ twitter account for any slip-ups on her boyfriend’s condition.