Erik Roner is a pro skier, BASE jumper and member of the Nitro Circus Crew. His mentor was professional skier Shane McConkey, but unfortunately his friend passed away in 2009 when his parachute failed during a 2,000-foot freefall from the Saspardoi cliff in the Dolomite Mountains. Roner decided to pay tribute to his fallen friend by BASE jumping his snowmobile off an 800-foot cliff! Roner traveled to Fernie, British Columbia and a massive cliff face for his incredible stunt. Roner raced to the edge of the cliff in the snowmobile and flew off the side of the mountain. The view as he’s plummeting may make you queasy, but it’s so amazingly tremendous. Roner’s deployed his parachute and glided to the ground as the snowmobile is given an epic funeral.