Sir Alex Ferguson
In honor of a legend retiring, here is a quick look back at Sir Alex Ferguson’s funniest moments as we see them.
1. Two boys. At the end of his first day of training Eric Cantona asked Sir Alex for two boys. Sir Alex was a bit confused so asked him what he wanted them for. He said he wanted them to stand in a defensive wall for him to practice curling his free kicks around. A relieved Ferguson asked the youth team coach to send over two boys to Cantona, when the youth team coach asked Sir Alex what he needed them for, he shouted ‘to practice his free kicks with, what do you think he wants them for?’

2. Keggy cracks. Famous for his ‘mind games’ Sir Alex has been known to make the odd comment to test opposing managers, trying to get under their skin and distract them from focusing on winning games at vital stages of the season. In one particularly hard fought season the Newcastle manager at the time Kevin Keegan finally lost his cool during a live televised interview and started ranting “Í’d love it if we beat them” into the microphone. United ended up as Champions…

3. Squeaky bum time. In trying to describe the tension that teams feel towards the end of the season he unearthed this gem. “It’s getting tickly now…squeaky bum time I call it.”

4. Trust no one. Before a game against Inter Milan of Italy he let his thoughts be known on how he didn’t trust the Italians, “When an Italian tells me it’s pasta on the plate I check under the sauce to make sure!”

5. Football bloody hell! After winning the Champions League final in 1999 by scoring 2 goals in injury time at the end of the game Sir Alex was nearly speechless for once. He just managed to rant ‘I can’t blieve it, I can’t believe it, football, bloody hell!’

Written by Doug McConkey