Laurie Koehn has somehow managed to make 132 of 135 three-pointers in five minutes, and we can only imagine what Nik Stauskas is thinking after watching this video. Koehn has always been an avid three point shooter in practice, and it definitely leads to a good public service announcement for why practice is important.  Koehn played last season in the WNBA for the Atlanta Dream where she only played an average of 4.9 minutes a game. We suggest that her coach may want to take notice of what this young lady can do in five minutes, which is highlighted in this video.

Koehn spoke about the practice drill which lead to her incredible shooting performance to Yahoo Sports.

“I really hadn’t done a drill like that before, so it was a fun challenge, I’m always looking for new drills because when you do the same thing over and over again, it can get tedious and you get to the point where you kind of master a drill. It’s so important to keep challenging yourself to get better, and to do that you’ve got to keep adding new drills.”

The craziest part is that this may not even be her best performance to date!

I’ve made 127 threes in a row before and I’ve been over 100 in a row numerous times,” Koehn said. “The thing that was unique about that drill is I’ve never tried to do it with speed before. When I’ve done it before, I’d be in a rhythm. This drill takes away your rhythm and fatigues your arms a lot more than you would think.”