Ole-Kristian Tollefsen played for the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Philadelphia Flyers from 2005-2010, while he’s out of the NHL he is now playing for his native Norway in the IIHF World Championships. Tollefsen isn’t a spectacular player and he is best known for being ejected from an Olympic qualifying round game for his massive hit on Slovakia forward Lubos Bartecko which caused him to bleed from the head and gave him a concussion. Well Tollefsen is back in the spotlight again, not for his exemplary play, but for sticking a guy in the nuts. During the IIHF World Championship between Norway and Sweden Tollefsen placed his hockey stick between the legs of Detroit Red Wings prospect Calle Jarnkrok and then smashed him in the nads. I can understand taking a cheap hit on player here and there, but giving someone a circumcision with your hockey stick is just plain wrong.