At a press conference in Philadelphia today, Phillies fans found out some news that could be a tad disappointing.  This is, of course, if you forget the last two seasons that Roy Halladay has pitched for the Phillies.  Not long ago, Roy Halladay was a perennial Cy Young Award candidate who is eighth all-time on the Baseball Reference Cy Young Award Shares, which is a statistic that ranks all first place votes for the Cy Young Award throughout MLB history.  The lasting perception that Phillies fans have of Halladay, however, will be tested this year as he heads to the DL with a torn rotator cuff, frayed labrum, and a floating bone spur – requiring surgery that could keep him out for the entire season.  So, even though at times this year Halladay has pitched well, the overall perception is more this than this thanks to his 2-4 record and 8.65 ERA in 2013.


Roy Hallady's Career?
Roy Halladay’s Career?



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