tituFormer Detroit Lions wide receiver is not having a good week, and is apparently trying to do Cliff Harris type things. Young was arrested for suspicion of DUI early last Sunday morning. He spent the night in jail and his car spent the night at a local impound. Young decided just a short 15 hours after his first arrest that his car had been in the impound long enough and tried to break into the lot to steal it back. He was promptly arrested.

According to NFL.com:

Young was arrested for suspicion of DUI early Sunday morning. Hours after he was released from the detention center Sunday afternoon, police responded to a call about a man jumping over the fence of a tow company yard. It turns out it Young was looking for his black Mustang that was towed following his DUI arrest.

Officers then arrested Young again, this time on a burglary charge, when it was determined that he was trying to abscond with his own vehicle.