The Indiana Pacers, winners of the least-interesting/least-watched playoff series in the history of everything (we’re still investigating whether it actually took place), are currently in New York City, preparing to revive their classic ’90s rivalry with the Knicks. The night before Sunday’s Game 1 tip-off, Pacers center Roy Hibbert hit the town (as one should want to do in the Big Apple), and, while on the way to dinner, noticed something quite unappetizing.

Now, Hibbert’s tweet claims the young lady in question was defecating, but that seems far-fetched, mainly because we’ve been around enough drunk-in-public girls, and the line is typically drawn at No. 1 — at least, as far as we know. However, he did say he was getting out of the cab, which means he might have been privy to a closer, more disturbing, look.

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Roy Hibbert