Terrell Owens has added a two letters to his ‘Pro Bowl’ title, it seems.  This week the former standout wide receiver made his debut as a ‘pro bowler’ at the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships.  Owens rolled three games for the Bowlers Journal International team of Chicago and personally rolled games of 185, 129 and 161.

Owens spoke to Bowl.com about the experience:

“The first game went pretty well.  “I’m still new to this, so when I saw some of the guys switching balls, I felt I should switch, too. I probably should have stayed with the same ball. I ended up going back to the first ball I used and made some other minor adjustments with my feet and eyes.”

Owens must have gotten the bowling itch from being around the sport recently as he is an owner of the Dallas Strikers, one of eight five-player teams in the new PBA League.

T.O. explained why he jumped at the opportunity.

“I have a lot of stuff going on right now, but there happened to be a break in my schedule. “I wanted to experience this tournament, and the experience was good.  I’m really into bowling, and I like it a lot.”

With the way T.O.’s football career is going, bowling may be the best bet for him.

Here is video of T.O. in action.

You can also listen to Terrell Owens’ debut in the below video. Riveting stuff.