Mike Vick still has wheels, and he is proud to let the world know about it. According to Pro Football Talk, Vick and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy raced during practice on Thursday and Vick won.

According to PFT:

McCoy had been riding Vick for weeks, calling him “old man” and challenging Vick to a footrace.  Vick had been laughing it off, until today.

Today, Vick had enough.  So he asked coach Chip Kelly if he could accept McCoy’s invitation.  Kelly agreed.

So they lined up and took off, and Vick didn’t just beat McCoy.  Vick smoked McCoy by roughly five yards over a 40-yard distance, and their teammates went nuts.

Instead of letting it sit there, Vick took to his Twitter account to let everyone know that he is a fast man.

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