Chris Gatling

Former NBA All-Star and Shawn Kemp Posterization Victim Chris Gatling (by the way, “Chris Gatling, NBA All-Star” is something we’ll file under “Things We Were Pleasantly Reminded Of Today”) is in hot water over an alleged illegal occupation of a home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Making matters worse, Gatling planned to illegally rent out the home — via Craigslist, of course:

Chris Gatling is accused of breaking into a key box and living in the home from July 2010 to August 2011. A police report says the homeowners lived in California but had left the power on.

The TV station reports that he later listed the four-bedroom house for rent for $800 and called it an “Ex-NBA” home online.

Court records say that Gatling got a down payment from one potential renter but that another got suspicious and contacted police.

Gatling’s attorney, Michael Alarid, said the case is a “misunderstanding.”

According to the Arizona Republic, Gatling made almost $30 million during his 12-year career, retiring in 2002 with career averages of 10.3 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.  But he is perhaps best remembered for giving the Reign Man some dap after a vicious dunk in the 1992 playoffs, which, interestingly enough, occurred in the same game as the even more famous Lister Blister.

Yep, I turned this into my second Shawn Kemp-related post in as many days. And, no, I’m not apologizing.