I am not a gun owner, so I’m not familiar with the gun cleaning process, but I imagine things like “make sure it’s not loaded” and “don’t point it at your head” are highly recommended. Bruno Coutinho of Petrópolis, Brazil, did not heed such advice when cleaning his harpoon gun recently, and the trigger accidentally fired, launching a four-foot metal spear through his head.

Actually, let’s be more descriptive: the spear went through his left eye and lodged in his brain.

Somehow, Coutinho managed to call for help (remember: spear still sticking out of head), and was rushed to the hospital where, after multiple surgeries, doctors were able to remove the spear. Coutinho was lucky to avoid major brain damage (by just millimeters), and he’s lost sight in his left eye, but he’s now recovering in intensive care.