Social media is such an important entity in our lives and so is beer, but what if we could integrate both worlds into one drunken alliance? Budweiser did just that with their innovative “Buddy Cup,” a beer glass that connects to Facebook. This whimsical beer glass has a computer chip that connects to Facebook so when another person with a Buddy Cup taps glasses, the two toasting individuals will automatically become friends on Facebook. This invention will be a major convenience because who has the seconds it takes to hit the “send friend request” button on Facebook. The Budweiser Buddy Cup is currently only available in Brazil, so don’t expect to get friends from clinking glasses any time soon. The Buddy Cup sounds like a really fun idea, up until the first creepy guy sitting in the corner of the bar waits until your hot girlfriend goes to the restroom then sneaks over to her Buddy Cup and taps her beer, instantly making them Facebook friends so he can stalk her.