In round one we had LeBron James absolutely destroy the competition with his very silly sweater. In the second version we have a match-up of six different outfits sported by DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, Joakim Noah, Blake Griffin, Mike Conley and Derrick Rose. It goes without saying but Blake Griffin takes the cake today.  Check out the man’s 1/3 sweater, 1/3 long-sleeve shirt, and 1/3 V-neck.   I’ve never seen anything like that.

blake griffin
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CP3 makes an appearance, nothing special here.


OK, I see you DeAndre.  Short sleeves and a skinny tie.   Do you big fella.

DeAndre Jordan
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Smooth as ice, Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose
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Mike Conley lookin’ real good.

Mike Conley via

The hair makes the outfit.