When it comes to poor field conditions, heavy rains and water-logged fields are the least of Norwegian club Ny Krohnborg IL’s concerns. The soccer club was all set to kick of its 2013 season recently, only to discover that someone had built a friggin’ road over one end of their home pitch.

Nobody associated with the club had been informed of the off-season construction, and whoever did the constructing (which was approved by the local council) clearly gave no damns about encroaching on the pitch:

“We were quite shocked when we discovered that the road cut [into the pitch],” Krohnborg chairman Radney Thomsen told Norwegian website BA.

“The start of the season is just around the corner, but no-one had informed us. We feel simply run over.”

“It’s downright scary that the various sports clubs that use the pitch have not been told. They have ‘forgotten’ to give notice for the second time in three years. This is not good enough.”

While Mr. Thomsen was able to inject a little road humor into the situation, the managing director of the local sports council, Roar Anderson, was decidedly less amused:

“How can they go ahead with cutting path without informing us? There are several teams that have league matches here. I thought everyone agreed that the road shouldn’t be this shape.”

Ya think?