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Each Day we will give you the top games to look out for – the games that will be most exciting each day. Since we’re in the down period between the NBA regular season and the NBA playoffs we’re going to focus on some of the great MLB games on today’s docket.

Cardinals vs. Phillies 4:05pm PST – 77 Thuuz Rating
A battle between two of the National League’s most storied franchises. This game kicks off a 4 game series that will go through the weekend. Today’s pitching dual is the best between the Cardinals’ go-to Adam Wainwright and Phillies lefty Cole Hamels.

Diamondbacks vs. Yankees 4:05pm PST – 76 Thuuz Rating
In game 3 of a 3 game series, the Yankees are looking to sweep the Diamondbacks. In the first 2 games the Yankees have had to come behind for the wins in the first two games with heroics from Robinson Cano and Travis Hafner. Tonight, Arizona is calling Patrick Corbin to the mound. Corbin has been their best pitcher early in the season (2-0, 1.50 ERA)

Red Sox vs. Indians 4:05pm PST – 74 Thuuz Rating
With all that has happened in Boston this week, the Red Sox are putting together their longest winning streak in a long time. According to Red Sox manager John Farrell – those events have bonded them as a team. They are also working on the sweep of the Indians, managed by their former manager Terry Francona. The Sox are now (10-4)

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