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Each Day we will give you the top games to look out for – the games that will be most exciting each day.

Sabres vs. Bruins 4:30pm PST – 93 Thuuz Rating
In light of the tragic events in Boston on Monday, the city will try and get back to business, as best as it possibly can, with The Bruins returning to TD Garden for a matchup against the Buffalo Sabres. Whether or not you are a hockey fan this is one of those games that is way bigger than an athletic contest and a small step in Bostonians trying to get back to normal.

Rockets vs. Lakers 7:30pm PST – 92 Thuuz Rating
On the last day of the NBA regular season, the playoff picture for the Lakers is pretty simple. If then win tonight against the Rockets, they’re in with the #7 seed. If they lose and Utah wins – they’re out. If both teams lose, the Lakers are in with the #8 seed. Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol would love to make good on Kobe’s playoff promises.

Jazz vs. Grizzlies 5:00pm PST – 91 Thuuz Rating
Again, this is playoff basketball for the Jazz. This game is obviously directly connected to the one above. The Jazz are in that weird position where they play first – so if they handle their business tonight against Memphis they’ll still have to wait around and watch the Lakers/Rockets game to see if their season will continue next week.

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