Certain sporting events provide more than just the simple pleasure of a good game. Events like the Super Bowl, March Madness, and the Masters possess some form of added entertainment on top of being the pinnacle of competition. Yes, we all enjoy a March Madness buzzer beater, but it is so much sweeter if that win helps your bracket. The Super Bowl has trays of food and the best commercials of the year, Wimbledon has Sunday breakfast, and even the Kentucky Derby has silly hats. As fans, we end up looking forward to these auxiliary aspects to major events almost as much as the actual sport, the Masters being no exception. While being the best and most watched golf tournament of the year, The Masters also gives us the gift of the best nap of the year.

It might be because I have a sleep disorder, and it might be because I love staying up late most nights, but I love taking naps more than anything. Every spring I circle the Sunday of The Masters on my Calendar as the best napping day of the year. Every aspect of napping melds together in perfection on those two days.

You sit down around two o’clock on Sunday to watch The Masters after a stressful week or a long night out. You had to get up early that day to meet your sister for lunch, go to church with the kids, or even play your own round of golf. Then around 3 pm after watching about an hour of this great tournament, something magical starts to happen. The shades of green on majestic Augusta National meld with the soothing background music and your eyes begin to get heavy. The glorious velvet voice of Jim Nantz nestles your subconscious as if to say, “Its ok, you rest now. Everything will be alright and I’ll wake you for anything spectacular,” as you begin to slip into a deep sleep. You slip into the deepest part of sleep as you hear the recognizable “Da da da, da, da, dum (Chimes)” as the coverage goes to commercial. A tradition unlike any other.

You dream of 20 foot puts with laser precision. You dream of rolling hills and a clear blue sky. You dream of the kurplunk or thud of a ball in a water hazard or bunker. You dream of low draws, high fades, and punch shots from the straw. You dream of Sunday red, glorious pink azaleas, and yellow flag pins. You dream of golden bears donning green jackets.

Manny Sleeping Liko Napping 2

Suddenly, the dream slips away. In the reaches of your unconsciousness you begin to feel a sense of urgency. You hear a collective groan followed by the roar of a crowd. All of a sudden you are awake. As your eyes come back into focus to see a man lining up his approach you ask the same question every year, “Is ____ still up by 4?”

Your viewing companion answers you, “Nope, he’s falling apart only up 1. ____ Is charging. You missed a lot, but this is gonna be close.”Garfield sleeping

Yes, you did miss a lot of action, but you missed it for the greatest nap of the year, because now it is 4:30 pm and you are as rested as you will be all week. Rested, you are ready to enjoy the last hour of the most intense golf tournament of the year. Let’s face it, you do not remember the first quarter of game 1 of the NBA Finals, or Thursday morning of the Masters, but to be in the perfect watching condition for the final epic moments is unbeatable.

You will not find better circumstances for a nap the rest of the year. The only thing that makes it better is sharing it with one of your pets. Just make sure you have someone wake you up if Nantz’ excited call does not.Liko Napping