Twice in Friday Night’s Lakers vs. Warriors game, Kobe Bryant hit the ground in obvious pain. The second time, in the 4th quarter  was the most alarming, as Kobe was helped off the court by his teammates. He went back into the game to knock down two free throws to tie the game at 111-111. Then the Lakers fouled immediately in order to get Bryant off the court. From there he headed straight to the sidelines and reports are that the Laker legend has suffered from a torn achilles – which would be a season ending, possibly career ending, injury for the veteran in his 17th season.

In the short term, the timing is absolutely miserable for the Lakers after Kobe is coming off of two monster performances (including his Friday night 34 point effort against Golden State) to carry his team into the 8th spot for the playoffs.

Despite the injury, the Lakers went on to beat Golden state 118-116.

Video of Kobe’s plays that led to the injury: