Juventus striker Mirko Vucinic had an unorthodox celebration when he netted a late goal against Pescara on Saturday.

After sending home a penalty kick, Vucinic strayed from the normal celebration of running to the sidelines and giving a fist pump to the crowd or sliding on his knees as his teammates form a dog pile on top of him. Instead, Vucinic decided to take off his shorts and wave them around his head like a drunken redneck who just found out he won the lottery.

Please note the reactions on his teammates’ faces as Vucinic strips down to his whitey-tighties.


Vucinic received a yellow card for his no pants dance, but he didn’t seem to care. Vucinic went on to score another goal to help put Juventus 12 points clear of second-placed Napoli in the Serie A title race before being subbed off.