ronI feel like the Lakers, Kobe especially, just toss around new nicknames a little too flippantly. The latest nickname to surface is one which Kobe is giving to Metta World Peace, who is set to possibly make a comeback to the court Tuesday night when the Lakers play New Orleans. The fact that Metta is set to return already, is actually worthy of a new nickname.

According to the LA Times:

Metta World Peace played three-on-three at the team’s practice facility and planned to return to the lineup Tuesday if he didn’t feel any pain in his left knee. He underwent surgery to repair torn cartilage March 28, at which time the team said he would be back in at least six weeks.

Tuesday would be 12 days.

“I call him ‘Logan’ now,” Bryant said, referring to a comic book superhero. “He’s Wolverine, man, that’s who he is.”

No word on if the name will stick, but I would pay good money to see Ron Ron in a Lakers yellow Wolverine jersey.