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Brian Scalabrine Lets White People Know They Can’t Beat Him In 1-on-1

Brian Scalabrine averaged 3.1 points and 2 rebounds in 13 minutes during his 11-year NBA career — numbers just low enough to lead some people to believe they could take on an NBA bench warmer. Naturally, the now-retired Scalabrine grew tired of such notions, so he sent out a casting call a few months ago to Boston-area ballers in an effort to silence the haters. After poring through YouTube audition tapes, he found four victims to participate in his 1-on-1 Scallenge (full video here), and the result wasn’t pretty: two shutouts and two 11-3 blowouts. He was even nice enough to give them a shot at 1-on-3 as well.

Fast forward to present-day…

Brian Scalabrine is now apparently tired of white people challenging him to games of 1-on-1. The reasoning seems to be that no white person, unless they are in the NBA, can beat the White Mamba in a game of basketball. However, as Brian states in his Tweet , “if ur a brother, maybe…but i doubt it.”

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