Apparently the long rumored Facebook phone isn’t a Facebook phone at all. In fact, it isn’t even called a Facebook phone. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained unveiled the project called “Facebook Home” which is a new way to integrate Facebook on Android devices. *Yawn*

“You’re going to be able to turn your Android phone into a great social device. Our phones today are designed around apps, not people. We want to flip that around.”

Engadget explains more:

Today Facebook finally took the wraps off Home, a suite of apps and a home screen replacement for Android phones. It’s not just a new UI for launching apps however, it replaces the lockscreen with Cover Feed and prioritizes updates from people instead of apps. There is a standard paginate launcher, that is always just a swipe away. But the focus is on the full-screen images that are you welcome screen. These are status updates from friends that you can easily flip through and double tap to like when someone posts something exciting. Plain text status updates are placed over a user’s cover photo, to keep the appearance consistent with photo-centric posts.