javaleJaVale McGee is one of the most confusing, yet entertaining individuals in the NBA. Since entering the league in 2008 he has been an enigmatic wonder with no rhyme or reason. With the news of JaVale landing a reality TV show today, we figured it would be best to honor JaVale with his top ten best “JaVale McGee” moments.

Let’s start at the top…

#10 – JaVale Pulls a T.O.

Someone needs to tell JaVale McGee that he is no longer allowed to watch game tape from Terrell Owens. JaVale McGee had an extremely nice block on a Matt Barnes layup attempt, but instead of letting it stand as a great block he followed it up with a very JaVale type move. He grabbed the ball as it went out of bounds and pretended to autograph it. Just another case of JaVale being JaVale.


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