ESPN’s Outside the Lines aired a segment on Tuesday which showed video of Rutgers men’s basketball coach Mike Rice abusing his players, physically and verbally. The video at one point showed Rice throwing a ball at one players head and calling another player a homophobic slur. Rice was initially fined $50,000 and suspended for three games in December by athletic director Tim Pernetti who had seen the footage.

According to ESPN:

Pernetti said on Tuesday afternoon on “Outside the Lines” that his investigation of Rice began in the summer and culminated with his December punishment. Pernetti said Rice’s actions were not aligned with what the university believes is acceptable, but that the behavior was a “first offense” and was handled appropriately. Rutgers learned of “Outside the Lines'” plans to air video of practices this week. On Tuesday afternoon, Rutgers athletic officials hastily arranged a showing of the 30-minute video for non-ESPN reporters on campus.