The demise of ESPN’s Rick Reilly has been well documented. There is the infamous “I had it first on Twitter” incident, the inordinate amount of time defending Lance Armstrong, and the trite. Now Reilly is curious whether 22-year-old Ohio State gaurd Aaron Craft thinks other people see him as “annoying.” During a recent press conference he asked Craft, ”Can you see how some people might see you as annoying?”

It’s a curious  question for a man who got the death stare from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Steve Young.

If the pitch of Reilly’s article is “Aaron Craft is annoying,” he’s a bit late to the party.To Craft’s credit, he answered the question well. He quickly responded, “I think he’s asking you, Deshaun,” referring to teammate Deshaun Thomas. (I could see Reilly asking that question of a certain Ole Miss player.)

I guess ESPN does not mind Reilly being curious about how college players see themselves. He got re-signed by Bristol.

 Via The Big Lead