Along with many other people across the country, until yesterday I was unaware that there was an actual institution named Florida Gulf Coast University. Well, after the #15 seed Eagles’s upset of the #2 seed Georgetown Hoyas in the South Region, a lot of us who had no knowledge of the school, were now very well aware.

While the underdog hopes to continue their Cinderella story against San Diego State tomorrow, in the meantime there has been quite the buzz about another aspect of the South Fort Myers based University. After doing some investigating of the University’s website, a few blogs began to post pictures of the housing, dorms and campus life at FGCU. As you can see in the pictures below, being a student at FGCU does not suck one bit. These 4 pictures are different views from some housing options for those attending the school.

Gulf Coast DOrms

gulf coast dorms 4

gulf coast dorms 2

gulf coast dorms 5

Sports business reporter Darren Rovell informed the twitter world today that in the 24 hours since the victory over Georgetown, hits to the University’s admissions page is up 431% from the previous day. 

The current acceptance rate of applicants to FGSU is at 68%. I’m assuming that number will decline a bit after handfuls of high school kids decide they’ve always wanted to be an FGCU Eagle after seeing some of these pictures floating around. I wish I was 18 years old again…

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