candlebox.far.behindI remember playing this song repeatedly on my discman while sitting in the back of my parent’s mini-van on a long trip to look at colleges in 1994.  The Candlebox album had a couple other “listen-to-able” songs on it, but Far Behind was the best by a mile.  As great as it was, it really deteriorates after the 3:00 minute mark.  The :45 second guitar solo is OK, but then the angry 1:15 at the end is kind of hard to listen to.  It made me glad for the invention of CD’s to replace cassettes, because I could just press the >>| button and skip to the next track (or |<< and go back to the beginning) without having to fast forward and guess when it was over.

I think the band would have been a lot better off ending this song after about three and a half minutes, but in the grunge-rock era of the early 90’s they were probably worried about it coming off as too “poppy.”  You can never sound too poppy in my book.

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