As March Madness will be starting in the coming days, sports fanatics, casual gamblers and seasoned professionals from all walks of life, will be emerging with the hopes of some how, some way: coming out on-top with a ticket and a decision that will pay dividends once the clock hits zero. Last month, as the Ravens and 49ers battled it out on the field during Super Bowl 47, millions of Americans watched their pocket books dwindle/ grow as close to 100 million dollars was  wagered on a single day; during a single event. This is nothing when compared to potential for this month. The money will be flowing from all directions.  

The bottom-line is that this 100 million dollar estimate  is very slim when compared to the amount of money about to be wagered during the month of March and the plethora of games about to take place. As an estimated 12 billion dollars will be spent over the next month via online gambling, illegal gambling, in Las Vegas and other gambling friendly cities, here are some tips to remember; if you decide to take a risk and participate within the madness. 


Although, personally I am more of a football specialist the same principles apply when dealing with basketball. Take it or leave it. Here is my take.

Play-off the line… (These wise guys are smart and know what there doing; often the line is right on par with the score, use this to your advantage and know which ever side you choose to gamble on; it most likely will come down to the last 3-4 minutes of the game). 

— Upsets are few and far between. (We all want to pick them, however the reality is they just don’t happen that often. Especially, early). 

— Know each teams style of play. (Often in the tournament tempo and team strategy rise above seed #). 

— We all have the teams we love... (But this is not the time to put all our eggs in one basket. Pick a few new teams to follow, even if you hate them. Would you rather ride and die with your favorite team because they are your favorite or win money?) 

— Don’t get carried away  or stuck in the moment. (Yes, it’s March Madness but this doesn’t mean it is any easier or more difficult to make money. Don’t put too much hype in ESPN’s analysis, experts and other sources. Be your own source and follow your own knowledge). 

— Expect the unexpected. (This is why the games are played. Year after year cinderellas and unexpected teams come out of nowhere. Easy way to make money if you know your stuff and are on-top of underground teams).

— Don’t put too much value in numbers or complicated statistics. (Numbers sometimes can actually complicate a decision that if you have to think about to much; you shouldn’t be making). 

— Always consider underdogs and look how they have played against the big-boys. (Covering a spread is often very difficult and underdogs will be playing their tails off come this time of year). 

—  Jump on the hot teams  (Teams coming off poor conference tournament performances or consecutive losses continue poor play into the tournament, teams that have ended the year on a roll will enter the tournament with confidence and should play well). 

— Look for experience. I.E. Coaches, Tournament Savvy Players.