These Clearwater Hooters girls have been putting on a show during Spring Training… for all the wrong reasons.

First, there was the Hooters girl that gave a fair ball to a fan in the crowd. Then, there was another Hooters girl who committed two errors in the same inning–much to the crowds displeasure.

Now, this. During the fourth inning of the Phillies-Yankees game, a foul ball was popped up and came extremely close to nailing her right on top of the head. While a normal person would’ve attempted to get out of the way, this Hooters girl displays extraordinary lack of common sense and decides to remain in her seat and hope the ball doesn’t hit her on the head. Lucky for her, the ball barely missed and she looked around with the, “wait, what just happened?” look.

We have a feeling these blonde moments will continue to happen throughout the rest of Spring Training, so we will update accordingly.