If you are as excited for March Madness as the crew here at CS you have spent the hours since the bracket was unveiled thinking about two things: who to pick for the final four and how to cut out of work on Thursday and Friday to watch games.

We think college basketball and the NCAA Tournament are the core of you should be putting your focus entirely on identifying Cinderella. We’ve started a petition to make the White House take action and declare the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA Tournament a national holiday and we need your help to get a response.

Sign the petition here:

It is time to set aside partisan bickering and bring all of America together to support this worthy cause. Whether you’re a Spartan or a Wolverine, a Blue Devil or a Tar Heel, a Spartan or a Wolverine, a power conference homer or a mid-major dreamer, Goliath or Cinderella, we can all agree that working during the tournament is just plain wrong. Join the movement today and help us right that wrong.

Your move Barack.